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Juan Pablo Guerrero

Country of origin: Colombia

Occupation:  Field Training Officer at Casey Station in Antarctica working for the Australian Antarctic Division. State of Residency: Antarctica (not a state per se). Australia is responsible for this part of the Antarctic continent and it is home for now. Favourite place in Australia: Mt. Kosciusko. Upon Arrival: Surprised by the care-free and relaxed nature of people - No worries, at all!

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Roberto Jiménez Vela

Country of origin: Peru.

Occupation:  Senior Geology Consultant. State of Residency: WA. Favourite place in Australia: Perth. Upon arrival: surprised by the Aussie accent. Even though I spoke good English, sometimes I could not understand anything.

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Irma Enriquez

Country of origin: Mexico.

Occupation:  Pianist, accompanist, researcher and music educator. State of Residency: NSW. Favourite place in Australia: Cairns. Upon arrival: Surprised by the shops closing at 5 pm!

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Mariafe Artacho del Solar

Country of origin: Peru

Occupation: Athlete. State of Residency: SA. Favourite place in Australia: The beach. Upon arrival: Surprised by everything being so clean, the traffic being so organised and that there was so much order.

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​​​​​​​Rodrigo Mariño

Country of origin: Chile.

Occupation: Academic. State of Residency: VIC. Favourite place in Australia: Next to my family in my family home in Melbourne. Biggest surprise when arriving to Australia: Being a public health specialist, the amount of asthma, depression and allergies.

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Roger Frankel

Country of origin: Brazil.

Occupation: Consultant and Counsellor. State of Residency: VIC. Favourite place in Australia: Melbourne for its dynamic cultural and gastronomic life. Biggest surprise when arriving to Australia: English,not understanding a single thing. 

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Rafaela Lopez

Country of Origin: Spain.

Occupation: Historian and Social Researcher. State of residency: Victoria. Favourite place in Australia: The Australian bush, it gives me a strong sense of belonging. Biggest surprise when arriving to Australia:  the sense of endless space I found in this country.

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Frank Torres

Country of origin: Colombia.

Occupation: Chef, barista and café owner. State of Residency: VIC. Favourite place in Australia: Tasmania. Biggest surprise when arriving to Australia: the crazy weather and day light savings

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