Campaign: Help us help Mexico

Fundraising campaign ” Help us Help Mexico”

On September 8, 2017 thousands of people in Mexico experienced the most powerful earthquake in a century. Few days later a second earthquake hit Mexico again. It is estimated that around 3 million people have been affected. Stories have emerged of those in Oaxaca who lost everything and are now sleeping on the streets. Latin Stories Australia created the fund ‘Help us Help Mexico’ to provide people living in Australia with an opportunity to donate much needed funds towards disaster relief aid.
The funds collected will be allocated to local community organisations in Oaxaca as we believe they are best placed to provide this support. Our family is from Oaxaca, so they will assist us in ensuring the funds turn into food, water, clothing and building materials. We will report back to you and the Australian government on our annual report on where and how the funds were spent.

UPDATE 11/10/2017

We have been talking with different local organisations and people living/helping in some of the affected areas. While some communities are receiving food, water, medical supplies and some temporary housing (tents); there are other people that are not so lucky. 

The government has approved some relief programs in regard to construction (under certain circumstances). Unfortunately, this assistance will take years and a large percentage of people who lost everything won't be able to access it.

Therefore, we have decided that our help needs to go towards projects with medium to long term assistance and focus on those towns and people which are most vulnerable. We also want to respect the local customs and traditions of the local Indigenous groups. 

We are working with a number of the local organisations and we will keep you updated with the projects we will be supporting. Each of the possible organisations we intend on partnering with aim to provide and equivalent of AUD$550 - 650 to families in need.

All donations can be made anonymous.

Thanks for your support, Your generosity is very appreciate it. 

Cristina Abela & Trini Abascal (Founders of Latin Stories Australia, proud Mexican-Australians)


Progress Report

This section reports on the 2017 fundraising campaign "Help us Help Mexico"

We partnered with local community-based organisation "Una mano para Oaxaca" which is transforming the lives of people affected by the earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico. They have facilitated the rebuilding of traditional brick ovens for bakers Francisca and Lidio. 

Francisca is from Espinal, Juchitan Oaxaca. Her specialty is “quesadillas de arroz”. She rented or borrowed ovens to keep providing for her family until your support allowed the organization to rebuild an oven for her.

Lidio has been a baker for over 20 years. He learnt from his aunt and later he taught other members of his family. His family even bakes cakes! His oven was destroyed in the earthquake and he was unable to bake over 6 months. Thanks to your support he was able to recover his main source of income. (Lidio on the right with Raul who has been helping building the ovens)

Thanks to your support, we were able to help Francisca and Lidio rebuild their ovens and their lifes.