Pieces of Advice for Immigrants: What we learned this year in Latin Stories Australia

Victor del Rio.jpg

Victor del Rio


Embrace both countries

Country of Origin: Mexico

Keep your roots alive: the roots from your home country and your new Australian roots. Both countries are providing you opportunities for unique experiences. Embrace the good things and put the bad things in perspective.


Arturo Morales


Work hard

Country of Origin: Mexico

Some people move here wanting to work as managers and start from the top; however, they have to prove themselves by working hard. You might need to start in junior roles. Work your way up by earning people’s respect with diligence and determination.

Claudia Oliveira.jpg

Claudia Oliveira


Uncover your true calling

Country of Origin: Brazil

I value education a lot, it has always been my greatest asset, and it is something I always carry with me. So I encourage my girls, and everyone, to pursue their education and find their paths in life.


Laura Marinesco


Enjoy the ride

Country of Origin: Argentina

Have pride in what you do, whether it’s something small or big, do it to the best of your ability. Celebrate the small wins as life is made of small moments. Remember to give yourself some leeway, mistakes are learning opportunities.

Juanita Esposto.jpg

Juanita Esposto


Be grateful

Country of Origin: Argentina

In our particular case, we were very grateful for the opportunity to be here. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be alive. Therefore, my advice is: value the present and try not to miss what you left behind.

Hugo Salcedo.jpg

Hugo Salcedo


Be open minded

Country of Origin: Colombia

Be ready to embrace a new way of life and a completely new way of seeing the world. One of the biggest mistakes some new immigrants make is to try to emulate the same way of life back home here in Australia. While it is important to retain your identity, it is also important to carve out new experiences and confront new challenges.

Yunuen-Perez 2.jpg

Yunuen Perez


Be patient

Country of Origin: Mexico

atience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” (Jean-Jacques Rosseau). However, patience is not enough, you also have to be determined. Applying to be permanent residents was frustrating, terrifying and uncertain. I must say that it was definitely not easy. The process required support from friends, counselling from experts, and lots of patience.

Claudia Alvarez.jpg

Claudia R. Alvarez


Don't give up

Country of Origin: Mexico

If you are feeling it is too hard to get a job in your field remember that there is a light at the end of the “local experience” tunnel.


Alirio Zarvace


Follow your dream

Country of Origin: Venezuela

Don’t let things in your way stop you from achieving your dreams, be flexible and resourceful, but keep at least one foot on the ground. Do not let your perceived difference, accent, ability, or ethnicity get in the way of your dreams. We are all humans and our stories, our voices, need to be heard.

Eyal C.jpg

Eyal Chipkiewicz



Country of Origin

Look for professional gatherings and meet-ups related to your field. Instead of approaching them directly because you are looking for work, find space to contribute to them and make yourself present with constancy and willingness to learn.

Angel Calderon.jpg

Angel Calderon


Be yourself

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Be an open book and be genuine to your values, but embrace change. Be prepared for a life journey that is going to depend on your doings. Be passionate, have faith in your abilities and believe in whatever you do. I have learnt that having a good set of generic skills, being flexible and adaptable helps anyone to get by.