Piece of Advice: What we learned this year in Latin Stories Australia


Telmo Languiller.



Country of Origin: Uruguay.

Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Education will transform your life and your community. In my case I have no doubt that if I hadn’t studied, I wouldn’t have achieved anything.


Roberto Barajas


Know your motivations

Country of Origin: Mexico.

It is tough and challenging leaving everything behind, even when you know that it is what you dreamed of. Keep in mind your motivations; they will give you the strength to get through the hard times. I thought about quitting my job several times during the first months, but finding reassurance in my motivations got me through those initial hard times.


Frank Madrid


Reinvent yourself

Country of Origin: Venezuela

Australia offers an opportunity for reinvention, so use it. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, this country offers you the ideal environment where those dreams can turn into reality. It is not easy! But, if you have the energy and enthusiasm to overcome challenges; and if you can still laugh when the situation becomes difficult, even better.


Angelica Correa


Be positive

Country of Origin: Colombia

Make every effort to maintain a positive attitude. Make the most of every situation and avoid falling into discouragement or despair. Understand that there is no success without sacrifice. In Australia, we learn that our essence is not based on what we do, but on who we are.


Paulette Arvizu


Avoid comparisons

Country of Origin: Mexico

It is important to not compare the way things are in Australia to the way things are “back home”. In adjusting to Australia, expect things to be different, not better or worse, just different. It is better not to try to live in a bubble pretending we’re still back home.


Maria Elena Chagoya


Get involved

Country of Origin: Mexico

As soon as you arrive to a new country, let the embassy or relevant migrant organisations know your details. This will give you the opportunity to find out about relevant events where to meet like-minded people with a similar background to yours.


Oscar Jimenez


Be culturally intelligent 

Country of Origin: Colombia

Be open to what this country can offers you, but also see what positive impact you can bring to it. As a good friend told me: we are entering into an era when it is important to be culturally intelligent. If you want to survive in a country that is very different to yours, you must make the effort to understand its culture, language, music and history.


Glenda Mejia


Embrace your new life

Country of Origin: El Salvador

Be open-minded, embrace the experiences and have a positive attitude even if it gets hard and lonely at times. It is a beautiful country with good quality of life and great opportunities if you go for them. If you are here, you are here, don’t compare and don’t look at what you don’t have any more but what is in front of you and go for it!

Alejandro Saravia.jpg

Alejandro Saravia



Country of Origin: Peru

Come with an open mind as you might need to do things you never thought you would have to. But don’t worry, for every sacrifice, there is a reward. And doing it tough helps you to value things. Some people come here with their “I am someone special” Latin American mentality and that is useless. Here you are a new person in a new city and you will have to adjust to it as the city will not adjust to you.


Cristian Trujillo


Believe it is possible

Country of Origin: Chile

Australia taught me that nothing is impossible. If you want it, just go for it. I remember arriving in Australia believing I would never be able to speak the language, be part of this society, and join the work force. Today I am an Australian citizen, have beautiful Australian friends and run a successful company that employs people, who after learning my story, get motivated to follow their dreams and have successful careers.


Maggie Alonso


Reinvent yourself

Country of Origin: Mexico

Never be afraid to start again from zero. You will always learn something new. Take the risk of failure and reinvent yourself. You are in a new country so take the opportunity to do it!